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Why is there a need for PTE Training for students?
When it concerns appearing for a PTE exam, there is the need for being equipped with the right knowledge and skills. Now, the training is not just for those who intend to appear for the examinations for the first time; it is also for those who plan to get high scores for the attempt they intend to make. Appearing for the exams requires you to be aware of the type of questions and skills you would be tested with, and that need the right guidance. Our academy for PTE test coaching and training in Melbourne is known to host the best faculty who are industry experts and know the proper techniques and methods to help students understand the language and the intricacies involved. Even when it concerns training the non-native students who do not have a good grasp of the English language, we are capable of doing so while ensuring good results and scores.
What is the cost involved in the training?
With tutors and trainers with proficiency to teach students with numerous levels of PTE training, you get to choose the type of training you intend to enroll for depending on your skills and the exams you intend to appear for. Here are the details of our training –

Class size: 4-6
Duration: 1 week / 2 weeks (total 20 hours)
This course is designed for people who are familiar with PTE and looking for 79+.
Class size: 8-15
Duration: 2 weeks (20 hours)
This course is designed for people who have little experience with PTE and looking for 65+.
Class size: 8-15
Duration: Weekends (16 hours)
This course is designed for people who are only available during the weekend.
Class size: 1
This course is designed for students who are few marks away from their desired score and looking for a flexible and individually tailored training.
Why Choose Us for PTE Training?
Being an acclaimed academy helping out with PTE academic preparation in Melbourne along with the best trainers and tutors to guide you along, you wouldn’t want anyone better to help you out. When it comes to helping out with PTE training, we understand how difficult it can be when it concerns non-native students coming over to learn the language. With the right set of training material as well as the knowledge that we help out with, you are likely to find us to be a complete package for all your requirements.

Easy and Flexible classes
While we understand the other commitments that students have, we help out with flexible cases where you get to come over depending on your convenience. We also offer weekend classes for those who cannot attend the other training classes.

Qualified and expert trainers
We employ the best in the industry at our academy for PTE coaching in Melbourne Northern Suburbs, and that is how you receive the best training while they understand the problems of non-native students and their ability to grasp.

FREE Study & Training Material
When you enroll in the training sessions, you do not have to pay anything extra for the training and study material as it is included in the course fees that you pay for.

FREE In-house tests
After we are done with imparting the training and preparing you for the PTE tests, we conduct free PTE mock test in Melbourne that is monitored by our trainers while giving you the feel of the real examination. You would also be marked accordingly to give you an idea of the knowledge that you own and whether it needs improvement or not.
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